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Born from one family’s passion for Kenya and its wilderness, for more than 40 years The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (DSWT) has worked at a field level in Kenya and is today recognised as one of the pioneering organisations for wildlife and habitat protection in East Africa.

Best known for our Orphans’ Project, the first and most successful elephant orphan rescue and rehabilitation program in the world, to date the DSWT has raised more than 230 baby elephants who have lost their mothers, most often at the hands of humans, offering them a nurturing surrogate family and a natural environment from which they can transition at their own pace back to the wild.

Securing a safer future for elephant and rhino orphans, as well as their wild kin, is a long-term commitment for the DSWT.  To further safeguard these wild species and the precious habitats they call home, the DSWT’s approach to conservation includes Anti-Poaching initiatives and Mobile Veterinary Units operating in partnership with the Kenya Wildlife Service, as well as Aerial Surveillance, Community Outreach and a special program dedicated to Saving Habitats. This multifaceted approach means we are saving wild lives today and also securing habitats for the future.

In 2004 the DSWT was incorporated as a charity in the U.K. and granted charitable status by the Charities Commission. As a part of the efforts to support the conservation work of DSWT in Kenya, The DSWT (UK) operates this online merchandise shop to raise critical funds for the Trust's conservation projects. By purchasing items featured, you are playing a direct role in supporting elephant and wildlife preservation in East Africa. Thank you!

Visit The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust website to learn more about projects being undertaken to save wild lives and protect habitats in Kenya.